Santa Monica Urban Forest Master Plan Being Presented to City Council on December 13, 2011

The City of Santa Monica’s trees are being proposed for many streets in Santa Monica. Sometimes trees, including familiar and indigenous species need to be replaced due to disease, age or damage. The species for the replacement trees in Santa Monica are being proposed now. I as well as many other residents throughout Santa Monica are being contacted by the Santa Monica Public Landscape Division are being notified about how to comment on the tree species for our Santa Monica neighborhoods. How nice that the City of Santa Monica wants our say?

To find out what’s being proposed the City has invited us to look up our street segment on the “Draft Designated Street Trees List” online at And if a new species is being proposed, there’s a link on the site to see what the trees will look like.

The City of Santa Monica wants to know what residents think of the proposed trees by September 14. The email address to comment to is: You can also send a message to the same email address to request updates via email.

And if you’re inclined to want to attend the Urban Forest Task Force meetings, meeting dates and agendas are posted at

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